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Rainbow all the way (13th Jan 23 at 3:11am UTC)
In the stock market, overdraft has always been a good way to eliminate large investors and short-term experts, even if the judge is out of order, it is difficult to escape the bad luck of bursting positions. This privilege has caused many large families to go bankrupt and collapse. If she is forced to liquidate her position as soon as the time limit is reached, she will lose all her capital. Wenya is too anxious to eat and sleep, which makes her big boss very touched, but she doesn't know that Wenya is just worried about her own funds. Although the amount of her funds is small, she can not escape, because the boss hangs a huge amount of seals on the daily limit every day, and no one can escape. On that occasion, she helped her boss a lot and met her current backer. Her boss found an official who had the right to allocate funds to large state-owned enterprises and promised him a generous reward. Unfortunately, the boss was not moved by money and refused to help at all. At this time, Wenya came out. For the boss, but also for herself. The boss, who was nearly sixty years old and did not fall under the money bomb, finally fell under the meat bomb of Wenya, a beautiful woman. Wenya: No, she made a friend in college. Young people have tasted the forbidden fruit because of their ignorance and curiosity about sex. But still young. Gentle and graceful feeling is more a kind of psychological stimulation and pleasure across the forbidden zone, and there is no physical feeling of being on cloud nine. After graduation, she immersed herself in the stock market to make money. With more and more assets,euro plastic pallet, her vision became higher and higher. Young men had no money, and most of the rich were married and established their careers. She was always single. Although she was beautiful and liked by many men, she never untied anyone's skirt again. However, this is only because she is not keen on sex, in sexual relations, in fact, she is very indifferent,wholesale plastic pallet, for a man to keep chastity in her view is very ridiculous, it is a man's selfishness to let off steam to frighten the world which man deserves a woman to pay like this? So, at this time of necessity. She certainly doesn't mind using sex as a stepping stone. After going to bed once, the old man, who had a second spring in his twilight years, was fascinated by Wenya and agreed to the little lover's request. Her boss took the initiative to depress the stock price by 30%, and then "reversed positions" to the boss in batches at this price. Subsequently, her boss paid the powerful boss an eight-figure benefit fee. This mister wants to maintain the share price of this stock to still be able to do, and the capital that he masters is tolerant, need not be in a hurry to draw capital to come out. Finally, the gentle boss went out smoothly. The book of the state-owned enterprise is profitable, and the boss gets a huge sum of money and a happy beauty without any trace. Wenya successfully completed the doubling of the capital from the benefit fee paid by both sides plus the stock income, and everyone was happy. After that, her boss decides to put Wenya in an important position, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, but Wenya quits. She is young and has a huge sum of money of 30 million. After knowing that high-ranking official, she had a powerful backer. Why did she still work for others? She became the lover of the boss. The old man is old and his physical strength is not good. Plus he has a family, a job, children and grandchildren. I can't often spend the night outside, and I have a secret tryst with her at most twice a month. She got a high return for her efforts. Through all the information leaked to her by the old man, she had no disadvantage in investing in stocks. But some time ago, the old man was in a car accident. Originally, the injury was not serious. While his family was away, the old man called her, hoping that the little lover would come to see him and enjoy her gentleness. Unexpectedly, when he was examined upstairs and downstairs, he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and died on the spot. Wenya, who has lost her backing, relies on her own ability to speculate in stocks. She has been defeated repeatedly, but she is used to speculating in insider stocks. She has always been in and out of the whole warehouse. The loss is really unimaginable. In such a short period of time, her capital has shrunk from 70 million to 30 million. Thirty million, for an ordinary person, is money that can not be earned in a lifetime, and for a young and beautiful woman, it is enough for a lifetime. But how can people who once owned 70 million be willing to leave the stock market with less than half of their assets? She is now like a gambler who has lost his eyes, and a gambler who has a good face.
Because of her good reputation in the past, she lost so badly that she had to pretend to be indifferent and unwilling to let anyone know that she had lost so miserably. She wanted to take refuge in Zhang Sheng, but the person who lost his eyes in a hurry needed the same reassuring words as the promise, not the guess and analysis of Zhang Sheng, and she was disappointed after a little test. And what she follows all the time is the big boss that uses capital to exceed 100 million at every turn, Zhang Sheng's that capital amount still does not see into her eye now. She is an advantage woman, but her advantage actually comes from men. To maintain this advantage, she could not do without men, just as she could not do without the vines of trees. The tree had fallen and she needed to find another one. So she thought of Xu Haisheng again. Carefully speaking, an hour later, Wenya stepped into the King's Mansion on time. Today's PR event, if necessary, she doesn't mind giving herself again, just like last time. However, in spite of her beauty, she was not sure. Beauty may work for fake bosses who hold state-owned funds, but she is not sure how much it will work for real bosses who hold their own money. This weekend, Zhang Sheng did not go home, but went to the city detention center first. At the end of the year, he has to go to see brother Wen. Flash out for more than a year, after some groping in the stock market, it is also a firm foothold. Their own funds have changed from 1 million to 10 million. Only the capital market has such a magic touch, if they still stick to Huijin's several subsidiaries, then what is the situation now? At the thought of Huijin, Zhang Sheng saw the shadow of love,wholesale plastic pallet, which was his base camp and the place where he broke away from the life of small workers. Love was still there silently sticking to it and managing his spiritual sustenance. That day he put his arms around his beloved shoulder and said half jokingly and half seriously, "Now you are also a little rich woman with tens of millions of yuan, and you still manage the aquatic market every day.". It's too hard to do everything yourself. It's better to find someone to help take care of it. 。 cnplasticpallet.com
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