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Lady Lord from the East (13th Jan 23 at 3:10am UTC)
So although he was rejected by his peers and felt that he was too hypocritical and would only win favor in this way, Baird did have a better reputation than his peers, and many people who could not survive were more willing to sell themselves to him, after all, to anyone at the same price, at least under his hands. As for what kind of masters they will meet in the future, it depends on their own luck. But if there was one thing that made Baird hesitate to sell himself, it was that he basically did not accept serfs, but only engaged in the slave business. The selling price of slaves is much higher than that of serfs, and most of the nobles in the Pradi Empire are old nobles. There are many serfs under their hands. They seldom need a large number of serfs. Serfs and land are linked. There are as many serfs as there are land. They don't need more. Compared with slaves, they are different. A little richer. Even the common people would buy one or two slaves to work in the house, which was much more cost-effective than hiring servants. But few people were really willing to sell themselves as slaves. Most of the slaves were either ordinary people captured and sold by robbers or captives left over from the war. The Pradhi Empire had been peaceful for a long time, and the number of the latter was very small, which led to fewer and fewer slaves in the slave market, so the price of slaves was much higher than before. Baird, on the other hand, was not short of slaves. He was half a Pradi, with blood from other countries, from his mother,mobile garbage bin, and his mother's former country was now fighting with several other countries. There were wins and losses on both sides. Often, nobles on the battlefield were captured with their followers and soldiers, and the nobles would eventually be ransomed by their countries. But ordinary followers and soldiers were not so lucky, and if their masters were not willing to spend money on them, they would end up being sold into the slave market. Baird also had connections in his mother's country, so he had a way to buy these slaves first, and even get some from several other countries,stackable plastic pallets, so his goods were never out of stock, and he could find any kind of slaves as long as the buyer said what he wanted. Originally, slave traders like Baird were doing well in the royal capital, and the slaves in their hands were not worried about selling at all, and they did not need to work hard to take a group of slaves to the countryside like Sardinson County. But Baird was very familiar with Claude Gault, who, because of the line of Lord Williams, not only had to go abroad in business, but also had established a business firm, which had a tendency to become a first-class merchant in the Empire. Businessmen seek profits, no one does not want to make more money, although Baird is a slave trader, but he also has some other business, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet bin, although he does not expect to be as successful as Claude, but also can not be too bad. Now Claude often went to Sardinson County, knowing that the Earl of Williams had been short of people, he thought it was an opportunity to sell favors, so he became a lobbyist and persuaded Baird to take all his slaves to Sardinson County. Baird hesitated for a short time before he decided to go to Sardinsonshire. In order to speed up the formation, Baird chose to go by land and sea because he decided to set out after the spring. Although there is a rule that women can't go to sea these days, female slaves do not belong to this scope. They are goods and commodities. If everything goes well at sea, they will be the first to be thrown into the sea as sacrifices if there is a disaster. Baird contacted a captain he knew well, chartered several ships, took all the slaves and serfs in his hands, and with the accompanying hired guards, the number of the team exceeded 1000, of which 90% were serfs and slaves alone. Usually he didn't have so many people in his hands. He set off in April. During this period, there were very few slaves who took the initiative to sell themselves in the market. But this period was also a time of temporary shortage. Not to mention the hardship of ordinary people's lives, some nobles also had a bad time. So these nobles would send their men disguised as robbers to rob the villages of other nobles, and all the food was taken away. Villagers were either killed or sold, and all the people in his hands were brought back from abroad, from several different countries. Fortunately, although the countries were different, the language around the Pradi Empire was the same system, and they could barely communicate.
Slaves from abroad were the favorite of nobles, who were isolated at home by their slightly different appearance and strong foreign accent, and even if slaves escaped, they would be caught immediately. Sea and land were much faster than land, and although the ship cost was higher, it saved a group of people the food they needed to go by land, and Baird was not reluctant to part with it. It took them only a few days to get from the Royal Seaport of the Royal Capital to the dock of Princea. Arriving at Princea, Baird was surprised by the prosperity here. Baird, as a perennial slave trader in various countries, used to take a lot of boats. At first, when his business was not so big, he mainly ran the domestic route to search for slaves and buyers. He also came to the Princia wharf several times, but in his impression, the Princia wharf was not lively at all. There were few ships coming and going. There is only a shabby pub on the edge of the wharf where you can eat, drink and stay. There are always a lot of cheap labor gathered on the roadside. As long as you pay very little, you can hire enough people to help unload the goods. But now, when the boat he rented arrived at the dock, he even had to wait in line to dock. There were no less than a hundred boats, big and small, on the dock. The porters went up and down the boats, carrying batches of supplies. The tavern he had been to was still in the old place, but it was no longer the only choice for people. On its side, there were several more hotels and hotels. In addition,plastic pallet supplier, there are more stores under renovation, waiting to open soon. Completely lost the cold look of the past. The changes here are so great. Standing at the bow of the boat, Baird could not help sighing. The captain next to him was not surprised: "These people are basically going to Sardinson County. Look at those. They are taking goods to Sardinson County to exchange goods. Princia is the nearest dock from Sardini County. Many businessmen are willing to take this road. It is naturally prosperous here." 。 cnplasticpallet.com
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