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Wei smiles all over the world (13th Jan 23 at 2:39am UTC)
"By the way, I apologize to you about my third brother last time." Bai Xiaofan put away his smile, bowed slightly with some embarrassment, and said. It's all right. I'm just wondering. Where's your third brother? Moon Weilan looked at her with a tolerant smile, then raised her eyebrows slightly and asked doubtfully. When Bai Xiaofan thought of this question, his heart was blocked, but he didn't want others to know too much. He always felt that although he still didn't understand what had happened between the Third Elder Martial Brother and Ning Mei, it would be very humiliating to say it. She gave a strained smile and changed the subject. "Where are you going now?" I'll go back tomorrow, and I'll go out today just because of a little thing. What about you? Where were you going when you were robbed? Bai Xiaofan narrowed his eyes and smiled cunningly: "Yue Weilan, don't you mind if I rely on you again?" Yue Weilan also made a deliberate pause before she smiled and shook her head. Poplar stands straight, today is a windless day, although it is winter, the sky is so pure blue, like the snow a few days ago, between heaven and earth, clean purification. The sunlight falls aimlessly, and the scene of two people smiling at each other is so clear and pure. But that smile, pure? Perhaps both of them are really happy, one is because they finally caught the fish again, the other is because they finally found the familiar dependence again. But I don't know, in the future, when there should be no more concealment between them, will the calculation and conspiracy of the past become a sharp thorn in their hearts? Lan Jing, where are you going now? Ning Mei followed behind Lan Jing and found that he had gone back to the inn and packed up his things,Self-closing Faucet, so she asked doubtfully. You go and save the man you possessed, and we'll go back to Qianjue Mountain. Lan Jing's hands did not stop, nor did she look at Ning Mei, but tidied up and said. Back to Qianjue Mountain? Ning Mei wondered, "Why do you want to go back to Qianjue Mountain?" "To revive the man you possessed." Lan Jing for Ning Mei, is a good look are disdainful, but also too lazy to explain these with her. He just repeated what he had just said. The man died early because of my possession, and I'm afraid the fetus is all cast. Say that finish,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, see Lan Jing cold eyes shot, then toughen the scalp to add a sentence, "I have buried her, this is OK." Ning Mei usually will not be so straightforward and cruel, but Lan Jing is really a person who does not enter the oil and salt, she has been delicate, charming tried, cold he already knows is his disguise, she can not find a way to come, simply like Lan Jing, nature to nature, she is lazy, anyway, Lan Jing will not touch her before finding Bai Xiaofan. Lan Jing tied a knot on the bundle and said no more. She was ready to go. Ning Mei can not ask the reason, but: "Hey, you are not going to let me go to Qianjue Mountain together?" Seeing that Lan Jing still did not speak, Ning Mei continued, stainless steel squatting pan ,Time Delay Tap, "I have almost no magic power on my body now. You let me go to Qianjue Mountain. How can I stand the evil spirit on it?" "We'll talk about it then." Lan Jing finally paused and said, then turned to look at Ning Mei, "Maybe it would be a good idea for me to turn you back into a red fox." Ning Mei a meal, busy to keep up with his pace, no more words. Secretly, however, he speculated about Lan Jing's intention to return to Qianjue Mountain: Is it to seek help? Not like. Qingyin Taoist's magic power is not as good as his, not to mention, if you want Qianjue to help find people, you only need to use any method to pass the message, not to go back and invite people, and then come back. That's a waste of time. She did not believe that even if there was no special method, she would not even know how to use the local method of flying pigeons to pass on books. So he gave up looking for Bai Xiaofan? This is even more impossible, he is worried about being so anxious, not to mention, Bai Xiaofan has a misunderstanding of him, not that he has a misunderstanding of Bai Xiaofan in a fit of pique. It's impossible not to find Bai Xiaofan. That is? Could it be said that he concluded that Bai Xiaofan would also return to Qianjue Mountain? He can rest assured that Wei is taking Bai Xiaofan with him? Right, right, what he gambles is Wei this all the time did not move Bai Xiaofan cent, thinking next also won't move easily. And the hairpin. No wonder.
In addition, Princess Lingzi told Bai Xiaofan about her life experience. Not to mention that Bai Xiaofan had nowhere to go except to go back to Qianjue Mountain, she would also go back to Qingyin Taoist to verify her life experience. All right, that's it. Lan Jing is a thoughtful and calm person. Under such unfavorable circumstances, such results can also be analyzed. Returning to Qianjue Mountain is the safest way, and it is also the way to meet Bai Xiaofan again nine times out of ten. She has some appreciation for Lan Jing? Unfortunately, he will not be possessed, she can not let him be possessed, to make the vegetation demon world more than a strong, otherwise, she really want to become a bosom friend with him. At that time, Yueweilan was afraid that she could not resist. Yueweilan took Bai Xiaofan back to Chuang Tzu, who was injured in the middle of the night, but obviously felt that there were signs of outsiders breaking in. Just as he was wondering, he rushed out in the middle of the night and shouted, "Boss, you're back at last." Can be happy eyes, finally saved eyes, but in the touch of the moon Weilan side of the smiling Bai Xiaofan stopped at the moment, turned into a cold hatred. Bai Xiaofan was startled, and the smile on her face was gone. She did not know when she had so deeply offended the person in front of her, but under his eyes, she was so frightened that she unconsciously hid beside Yueweilan. Moon Weilan felt, but also very strange to look at the midnight injury, the original gentle eyes gradually have a cold light, indicating that the midnight injury quickly put away his attitude. Midnight injury is regardless, still cold-eyed relative, obviously angry to the extreme, Yueweilan paused, had to turn around first, smiled at Bai Xiaofan: "You first go back to the room you lived in last time, I have something to talk with the night." Bai Xiaofan nodded, and then escaped the eyes of the midnight wound and fled. She really did not understand that although the midnight wound had been rude to her before,push button toilet flush valve, it was not such hatred. What did you do? And if he is an ordinary person, dare to look at her with such eyes, she will also argue with him clearly. But the key is that he is the master here and a friend of Yueweilan. She could not be so insolent. cnkexin.com
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