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Zhuge Qingyun Qiao Luocha (13th Jan 23 at 2:38am UTC)
Wuyou sighed, "After you left the ice field, I have been following you in the dark. Suddenly, I remembered a warning sign in my heart. Then I knew that Elder Martial Brother had chased you down. I didn't dare to follow you any more. I was afraid that he would follow me and find you. So I made a big circle and came here. This was my home. I didn't expect that I had been away from home for many years and my family had all died. I lived here secretly." Prepare this dummy. "Can this dummy fool him?" Asked Sima Yu hurriedly. "If I don't show up later, you still don't know," he said with a smile. Sima Yu remembered that in the case of the ghost fire just now, it was really impossible to distinguish the true from the false, and he could not help admiring her elaborate design! Wuyou looked at him and suddenly said with a smile, "I've been waiting here for two days, but Elder Martial Brother didn't come. I didn't expect you to come." "I was attracted by your ghost flute," said Sima Yu. "If you can hear the sound of the flute, it's to comfort my heart.." "What's so special about the sound of the flute?" Asked Sima Yu. Worry-free look more Sheng way: "Nature has, besides you, who else can hear?" Sima Yu thought that there was something strange about the sound of the flute, which he heard very clearly, and had a special attraction, which attracted him, but the clerk in the shop turned a deaf ear to it. "This heart flute is the sound of my heart," he said with a carefree and gentle smile. "Tonight I am full of feelings and thoughts, and I am singing silently in my heart. Do you still remember that tune?" Sima Yu was in a daze and said, "It looks like a resentful woman singing.." "That's right,14 tube fitting," said Wuyou with a smile! At that time, I was in the mood of a resentful woman, silently singing the tune in my heart, just the person I miss. When he has my impression in his heart, no matter how far away he is, he will hear it! Sure enough, you're here! "No,stainless steel needle valve," said Sima Yu hurriedly. There is no such thing! Worry-free face a whole way: "You speak according to your conscience, since you left the ice field, have not thought of me?" Sima Yu blushed, and in the lonely journey on the road, his carefree and beautiful body did pass through his mind, but it was immediately replaced by the deeper yearning of Xue Qi, who was as cold as ice. Worry-free eyes stared at him alone, so that he could not escape.
"I've thought about it, but it's not what you think.." he said. Worry-free gently sighed: "I also know that there can be no result between us, I am thirty or forty years older than you, but …" It's hard to believe that I've met countless men, but I've never been so moved by you. This is probably a kind of sin! It's funny to think that I, an old woman in my sixties, a pink demon in the romantic field, would be upset by a young man like you.. "Your face doesn't look your age, 14 needle valve ,tube fitting manufacturer," said Sima Yu. "It doesn't sound right. But feelings are another thing! "I know," he sighed carefree! So I don't insist on you, I just want you to accompany me this night, do nothing, just talk for a night, or sit in silence for a night. Sima Yu shook his head and said, "Why bother?"! There is nothing between you and me. Isn't it superfluous to get together this night? Wuyou said angrily, "Why are you so unreasonable? You should know that if I use the Dafa, I won't be afraid that you will grow wings and fly to the sky, and I can also hook your soul down!" Sima Yu had tasted the power, and he was really afraid that she would come again. "You really can't avoid vulgarity," he said hurriedly. "Think about it. You call each other with the flute of your heart. I hear the flute and come. It's enough for everyone to meet. This is such a superb realm. Why do you have to do that?" At first, Wuyou's face moved and he seemed to be quite moved by his words. Then he stared at me and cried, "Boy, don't talk sweet words to me. I'll keep you for this night. If you're not human, I'll keep you for a lifetime!" The words were fierce, but the feeling of spring on his face was getting stronger and stronger. The soft waves in his eyes were flowing, and the color of his cheeks was pink. Seeing this, Sima Yu was frightened. Knowing that she was beginning to perform the Dafa again, he hurriedly started to slip away. But his feet seemed to be cut off, his mind was still bright, but his eyes could no longer be removed from her body, and unconsciously, he was bewitched by her charm! Worry-free untied his long hair and slowly prepared to take off his gauze clothes. Sima Yu was so anxious that he could only bite his tongue, trying to keep himself awake with that kind of pain, but it was no use at all. Another thought surged from his mind, missing the body tightly wrapped in gauze, and even hoping that her movements would speed up a little! Worry-free untied the gauze clothes, just revealing the white breast and solid breast, suddenly his face changed, and quickly buckled up. Sima Yu also woke up from the confusion, knowing that she had withdrawn from the puzzle. "So you're testing me.." he said gratefully. Worry-free but look dignified tunnel: "You go quickly!"! Inform your companions to leave here immediately! "Why..?" Asked Sima Yuzheng. What's going on? After listening attentively for a while, Wuyou hurriedly urged, "My Elder Martial Brother is here!" Startled, Sima Yu was on full alert. Seeing this, he couldn't help chuckling and said, "He's still fifty miles away. What are you nervous about? Go quickly!" Sima Yu did not believe. "Can you hear so far?" "It's not listening," he said. "It's a kind of feeling. I've been with him for decades, and I've developed this kind of silent feeling. Even if I'm a hundred miles away, I can feel each other's position. If I hadn't put my heart on you just now, I would have found it long ago.." Sima Yu thought for a moment and then said, "Changle's evil way is very powerful. Can you match it?" Wuyou sighed lightly and said, "I'm already facing the coffin. Even if he hates me again, he should be satisfied with destroying the coffin and the corpse." "What if I can't fool him?" Asked Sima Yu. "Then I have my own way to deal with him," said Wuyou, with a change of face. "Although he is heartless,ball valve manufacturer, I can't be unjust. I won't kill him unless I have to." Sima Yu said disapprovingly, "People like him are already mad. Why should you show mercy? If you have a way to get rid of him, you should use it without any consideration." 。 chinaroke.com
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