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Great Song Times Weekly (13th Jan 23 at 2:38am UTC)
Shit, Paul cursed loudly in the belly, jumped to take off the leather boots on his feet, at least a few hundred yuan of custom-made first-class goods, treasure bag wrapped around the waist soft sword four sea robes brush brush off, a step into the huge barrel, Zhao Jin saw many things on the ground, hurriedly kicked things to the back of the barrel, and just put on the body of the veil off and threw on it, jade legs lightly lifted into the barrel. Zhao Xian led a pretty girl to come in. Zhao Jin pretended to wipe the water on her body. Fortunately, there was a layer of petals in the bucket, and nothing could be seen from the outside, but after Paul went in, the water overflowed a little. Why is the ground wet? Zhao Xian looked at the water all over the floor and was a little confused. Zhao Jin just happened to be touched by Paul on the inside of her leg. She trembled all over and bit her lip. Then she restrained Qi Nian. She deliberately blamed her and said, "It's not you yet. It's a long tail."? I didn't close the door when I went out, so I got up and closed the door myself. Oh, Zhao Xian let the pretty girl put down a bucket full of hot water, waved her to go, then took a ladle of water, went to Zhao Jin's side and gently poured it on her shoulder, "Sister, what do you think I should do?"? You should give me some advice. As soon as she stood by the bucket, Zhao Jin was so frightened that her heart was in her throat. She had no choice but to put her legs up and put her feet on the edge of the bucket, but she was ashamed to death in her heart. She was dead. This bastard looked at everything. His face was red and white,12 needle valve, and his heart was not falling. He didn't know where to put his hands. What's the matter, sister? Zhao Xian saw that she was strange and could not help reaching out to wipe her forehead. "Don't feel dizzy after washing too long." "No." Zhao Jinqiang made a cover-up and grabbed the gourd ladle from her hand. "I'll do it myself." "My father refused, and the emperor's brother was not allowed to marry him. Do you want to ask the queen mother's aunt?" Zhao Xian was angry for a moment. She had a small temper and stamped her feet vigorously. "It was all caused by the dead prostitute thief." She was talking to herself there, and Zhao Jin became more and more flustered. Where did the dead man put his hand? He would stick it on his buttocks and move it gently. He was really ashamed and hated it. Two people are so deadlocked, Zhao Jin soul flying outside, where to hear what Zhao Xian said, see Zhao Xian mutter, vigorously take the foot to stamp the water flower. Not good, Zhao Jin is cranky,brass tube fitting, see between the legs gurgling gurgling up to bubble, then, Paul a face slowly floating up, eyes a burst of rolling, must be unable to hold their breath. He hates me so much that he annoys me. If I cut him and let him be a eunuch, I will never be able to toss about and see where he will fly. To die, Zhao Jin flustered, Zhao Xian came over again, is about to be exposed, this anxious, the brain suddenly flexible, for a time can not control so much, bent down, cherry lips slightly open, to Paul's mouth pressed down. Paul was feeling suffocated in his chest, and somehow Yi Jin Jing was not a method of tortoise breath, when he saw Zhao Jin suddenly lower his head, needle valve manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, and then his lips came into contact with the smooth and delicate, and the sandalwood mouth opened slightly to exhale. At least he could make do with it, and his mouth was full of fragrance. He immediately gave birth to Qinian, and put his arm around Zhao Jin's slender waist, which was very greasy and elastic. This bastard, at this time still move this idea, Zhao Jin heart inside hate ah, open eyes in the water, hate hate stare at him, this just looked up, gently wiped a wet hair, although the heart inside shame then want to take a knife to cut off as Zhao Xian said, but the face also forced, "Xian son, help me get the soap horn." "Sister, you don't care about me at all." Zhao Xian pouted, took the soap horn and handed it to her. "I won't accompany you. You wash it slowly by yourself. I'll go to bed first." She turned to go out, but this time she remembered to close the door with her backhand. Seeing her go out, Zhao Jin breathed a sigh of relief and finally left. Paul looked up slowly and took a big breath. "I'm suffocating." You.. You bastard. Looking at him, Zhao Jinyu raised his hand and wished he could slap him in the face. But looking at his clear eyes, he suddenly remembered his behavior at the auction last night. The other party also looked at himself with such clear eyes. For a moment, there were all kinds of tastes in his chest, so he wanted to throw himself into the other party's arms and cry.
Anyhow many years of royal education, after all, she is not as unruly as Zhao Xian, but also quite able to hide their feelings, took a few big breaths, slowly put down the lotus root section of the general jade arm, clenched his teeth and said, "do not roll." "At least let me wash too." Paul gave a scoundrelly smile. "The fright is also the fright, and the threat is also the threat. If one day you sisters together cut me, wouldn't I die unjustly? It would be better to die under the flowers than to die unjustly." Hate hate stare at him, this person, always so rogue, but rogue people can not be angry, looking at the other side of the whole time to pretend to play water there, really hate to the root of the teeth in general, only feel the root of the teeth sour, they want to bite each other hard to be willing. Alas, I was wronged. I wanted to send tea, but I was cut by two high princesses with a knife. It was really.. He sighed deliberately, "Princess, it's really good to have no scruples about what you want." "Why are you never afraid of me and Xian's identity?" Zhao Jin suddenly asked. Afraid of identity? Why? Is it because you are princesses? Paul laughed, at least he used to have nothing to do but also love to attack the government officials, from the president and secretary of state, down to the university teachers, all scolded the dog blood, what is there to be afraid of? Are you afraid that your penis is not as big as the president's? You made him afraid of the princess? A princess is not a woman? Zhao Jin silent, this person is really, bold, think of his first meeting dare to molest themselves, for a time, but some laugh at themselves, can only say that this person is not bad ah. Then why don't you think about it? Zhao Jin changed the topic at this time,38 tube fitting, unexpectedly forgot that he was still in the bath with the other party, hollowed out his mind to tempt him, "Marry Xian son has countless benefits.." Paul's face sank slightly. "Marry whoever has more benefits. Then I should marry you all the more!" 。 chinaroke.com
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