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The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty (13th Jan 23 at 2:37am UTC)
He laughed very darkly. In fact, Russia was concentrating its elite troops to move to the Beijing-Tianjin area. In this year's Boxer movement, Russia was overjoyed to send ten divisions from the Far East to the northeast of China. At present, the rule of the Qing court has in fact collapsed, and the Russian army is establishing military management. When the powers in the Beijing-Tianjin area were defeated, The Russian Czar immediately mobilized the garrison in Northeast China to move along the Great Wall, and continued to increase the number of troops from home. One hundred thousand elite Russian troops have arrived at the front line of Shanhaiguan, and the Pacific Fleet transport team from Vladivostok is transporting new troops to Lushun Dalian. Yes yes! We have the sincerity to negotiate! The American Minister and the Japanese Prime Minister immediately came out and smiled like a flower. All right, you should step up to take practical actions. Tomorrow we will have good news! Commissar Zhao nodded. After the meeting, Commander Li Yunlong, who had already returned to Beijing, sent three telegrams to Political Commissar Zhao. One was to inquire about the progress of the peace talks, the other was to report on the training of the army. He also reported on the secret intelligence personnel's understanding of the military strategic situation in Northeast China. Ask him what to do. The political commissar thought a little and immediately ordered the communication link, saying that he would end the peace talks as soon as possible and turn his forces to the northeast region. When we leave, we must remove all the equipment of the Beiyang Arsenal and the weapons and ammunition of the Military Academy of the Qing New Army in Tianjin City. "In addition, we should try our best to collect talents, especially new talents. Those who have studied Western surveying, mapping,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, exploration and mining are preferred. A large number of manufacturing professionals also need to be raised.". The best way is to look for both hard and soft ways among the prisoners of war of the allied forces to make them serve us. If these people can make good use of them, they are gold, and if they can't make good use of them, they are scum. Otherwise, we will not be able to cope with the complicated and tense situation. In the sound of the dispatcher's knocking, Tianjin and Beijing quickly realized the connection. Because of the damage of communication equipment and the lack of enough parts to maintain, they had to use the transmitter presented by the Qing court,aluminium coated steel tube, which Zhao Zhengwei thought was ridiculous. As soon as the contact was completed, someone outside reported, "Commissar, the Japanese want to see you." There was a silence from the commissar. The representatives of the Eight-Power Allied Forces have always acted in unison. How could this Japanese come alone? Is there a conspiracy? "All right, let him in." Ito, the former prime minister of Japan and now the director general of Korea, came in full of ambition. He could not see that he was a representative of a side that had suffered a military defeat. His smiling face was full of humility: "Your Excellency, the representative of the Qing Dynasty, because of some details, I would like to invite you to the place where we live to discuss. Would you like to?" The Japanese invited me? The commissar realized something in an instant from his sinister eyes. Immediately refused: "No, this is a matter of state affairs, we can only negotiate openly, beam impact tubes ,precision welded tubes, there is no private discussion." "Sir, this is a private consultation, a normal diplomatic activity." Ito's sincerity in bowing is to lower his head to the level of his lower head. No way At the station where the representatives of the Eight-Power Allied Forces were stationed, the American Minister Lambe and his five attendants were carefully hiding in the room, each holding a pistol, opening the nose, and staring covetously at the door. Warriors, we must do this, catch their real leader, and they will be passive! "Don't worry!" As he spoke, Ito came back dejectedly, with beads of sweat on his head and a dark look on the faces of his two followers. What's the matter? Blue Bay asked in surprise. That sly Chinaman never took the bait! Ito clenched his teeth. Alas, what a fool I was to think of following the counsel of an Oriental! Lanbei gave Ito a mocking look, put the gun in his hand into the waist of his trousers, and walked away with a snort. Director, we? Several capable and short Japanese devils asked carefully about their next move. Fuck off Ito grabbed the teacup in front of him and slammed it on the ground.
Ito dejectedly conceived a new plan. Before he went abroad, he promised the emperor that he would use his intelligence to get what he could not get on the battlefield. However, he was really upset now. The Chinese were no longer the same as they were five years ago. Although the emperor was the broken emperor, the queen mother was still the broken queen mother, everything seemed to change in an instant. The only way is to send ninjas to assassinate their senior commanders. At the same time, our excellent spies should all infiltrate into the Manchu country to spy on intelligence. It seems that a dangerous change is about to take place in East Asia. "Sir!" A subordinate came up and offered a new cup of tea. It was a woman in a man's costume, very young, with a fresh and beautiful face. Ito sighed and picked up the tea, motioned his men to leave with his eyes, and then hugged her. Kazuko, you look beautiful today. Kazuko is his secretary, one of his lovers in bed, and his right-hand man. The Japanese paid great attention to intelligence and espionage activities, because the Japanese intelligence agencies stationed in Beijing and Tianjin were all captured by the Chinese side, and the so-called Aoki agencies were all captured. Japan had no choice but to rely on another secret organization, the Genyang Society, which actually existed before and played an important role in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Within the Xuanyang Society, a secret organization, the Black Dragon Society, was established. This Kazuko is the daughter of the head of the Xuanyang Society, Toushan Man. Ito threw Kazuko onto the bed with his arms in his arms, and then pressed up nimbly. The naked Kazuko was really beautiful, and his smooth and fresh skin made Ito crazy. He couldn't wait to tear off his clothes and jump on them. Kazuko groaned. She was an excellent intelligence agent who had infiltrated the upper echelons of North Korea and found out many facts. Several ministers in North Korea were her bed guests and slaves under her skirt. She also trains and leads a secret Yamato force, an all-female intelligence unit that relies on sex to hunt for intelligence and leaders of hostile forces. Kazuko, tomorrow, you're leaving! Today,beam impact tubes, on behalf of the Japanese Empire and the Emperor, I comfort you! With that, Ito straightened up his dapper weapon and stabbed Kazuko in the middle of her towering jade buttocks. cbiesautomotive.com
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