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Emperor Group: Challenge the Chief Playboy (13th Jan 23 at 2:26am UTC)
But in front of Su Jing, Chi Zhongbo was just leisurely collecting his booty. He didn't even glance at the people who came in, but he said, "Chi Yu, where are your rules?"? It's getting worse and worse. When there are guests, you go on a rampage like this. Chi Zhongbo's voice was not too loud, but it implied a certain anger. Su Jing looked at him and then at Chi Yu, who was coming towards them. The latter was also looking at her. She couldn't quite understand the dark in her eyes. Grandpa, listening to you playing chess inside, am I afraid that you will lift the table if you lose? Chi Yu's long and narrow eyes glanced at the chess game on the table, and his sexy lips were slightly raised. Chapter 339 of the main text "Grandpa, listening to you playing chess inside, am I afraid that you will lift the table if you lose?" Chi Yu's long and narrow eyes glanced at the chess game on the table, and his sexy lips were slightly raised. As soon as his words came out, Han Mo, who was standing behind Chi Zhongbo, almost laughed out loud and coughed lightly to hide it. What words?! When did I lift the table?! Chi Zhongbo was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. He saw Su Jing looking at him in surprise. He quickly restrained his expression and asked Su Jing, "Did I lose?" "Huh?"? No Su Jing was startled by Chi Zhongbo's sudden roll call and quickly answered. Chi Yu didn't care. His slender body squeezed onto the armrest of the sofa where Su Jing was sitting. "Grandpa, how boring it is for you to find someone who can't play with you." Grandson, I'll play with you. "Play.." What are you playing? Housekeeper.. Chi Zhongbo pasted all the money and shouted to the housekeeper at the top of his voice. The housekeeper pushed the door and came in. What time is dinner? "Yes, sir, we'll be eating soon." As soon as Chi Zhongbo heard the housekeeper eat immediately, he stood up holding the armrest of the sofa,car radiator cap, and Han Mo behind him came forward to hold him. Don't play, eat and play. "" He said angrily, then turned to face Su Jing, "Go, go out for dinner." Su Jing hurriedly stood up and stood aside to let him go first. When she saw him walking toward the door, she went around the position and walked toward the door. Who knew that the big palm behind her suddenly came over and hugged her slender waist. Ah- "she was about to exclaim, her mouth had been covered by another big palm of the person behind her, only to feel the pain coming from her ears,metal stamping parts, she quickly reached out to push, her hand was also attacked." Chi Yu, won't you come out?! Outside the door, came Chi Zhongbo's loud cry, Su Jing hurriedly broke away from the restraint of the people behind her, and Chi Yu also let go of her. Smiling brightly at her. Only then did she realize the pain coming from her hand. He bit it? It must be on the ear, too. Su Jing looked at the circle of red teeth marks on her hand and scolded intuitively: "You are abnormal.." He was not annoyed by her scolding at all. He reached out and grabbed her palm and surrounded her. "Aren't you waiting for me to pick you up?"? Why did you come here by yourself. Do I have the guts? Will you come by yourself? Su Jing's angry white eyes, broke away from his hand, and walked out of the door, but he did not let her go, from behind her a circle, head against her neck. The little thing is not good. Do you want to make a PP? "? His deep voice rang in her ears and made her heart throb. She felt that his voice had the power to bewitch people, and at this time, she could not stop fainting. Hey, Chi Yu.. Ah I didn't see.. Chi Min rushed in, saw two people, titanium machining parts ,Stainless steel foundry, hurriedly turned around, but could not stop the smile on his face, "you continue, you continue, I just came in to call you to eat, since you have food to eat, then I went out first.." Chi Min quickly evacuated with a smile. "Alas." As soon as Su Jing saw Chi Min go out, she quickly broke away from Chi Yu, stared at him, and went out of the door. The table is long, Chi Zhongbo sits in the first place, the right hand side is Cen Yiling, Cen Yiling's side is Chi Min, the left hand side was originally Chi Yu, now, the housekeeper left the seat to Su Jing. Did not see Chi Yu come out, Chi Zhongbo wants to be angry again: "Smelly boy?"? Why don't you come out? The voice just fell, Chi Yucai came late, but also did not care where Su Jing sat, he pulled out the chair and sat down, leaning there lazily. Jing, eat more. Cen Yiling said to Su Jing and motioned to the servant behind her to fill another bowl of soup for Su Jing.
"Well, aunt, you eat too." As soon as Su Jing's words fell, Chi Zhongbo suddenly said, "Everyone is here today. I have something to announce." Originally planned Chi Yu and Su Jing to get engaged first, but the smelly boy broke up with me yesterday. So, I decided.. Chi Zhongbo paused, and all the people stopped the action at hand because of his words, only Chi Yu was still in the bowl of soup. Chi Zhongbo glanced at his grandson and said softly, "I decided to announce to the media that Su Jing is my long-lost granddaughter after the New Year." As soon as he said this, the man who had been calm could not calm down. The soup went into his trachea, and Chi Yu suddenly coughed, while the others were all stunned. But Chi Zhongbo drank the soup leisurely, humming in his heart: "Smelly boy, dare to fool me." Hum! If you don't give me some color, I really think I'm a sick cat! "Uh.." Yu'er? You Break up? Cen Yiling looked at Su Jing and Chi Yu on the opposite side and couldn't believe it. Chi Yu, what are you doing? Chi Min really wanted to stretch his legs to kick the opposite person, just two people hugged together, how can we break up now? "Grandpa." Chi Yu just opened his mouth, but Chi Zhongbo interrupted him: "You don't need anything, I know.." Although Su Jing and we do not have a little blood relationship, but after all, she is also Chengyi's child, although I once broke off the father-son relationship with Chengyi, but the blood relationship, which can be broken. You go and arrange it. After the New Year, I'll announce it right away. Chi Zhongbo had to be methodical, without a little joke, and then lowered his head to continue eating,CNC machining parts, and at the table, except for one Han Mo who had nothing to do with himself, the rest of the people had no appetite. Grandpa Don't play. Chi Yu frowned. What kind of play? Did I play? I couldn't be more serious.. She is my granddaughter and your cousin of Chi Yu. Yiling? Don't you agree? Chi Min? Don't you agree with Su Jing to be your sister? 。 autoparts-dx.com
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