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Immortal Journey 2 (14th Dec 22 at 1:44am UTC)
"Oh?"? Do something for the city of Koran? Is it difficult for Hei Tianjiao to let Fengwuge destroy Bibo City with the strength of a faction? Ha ha, are you kidding? If Fengwuge has that strength, do you still need to come to Hei Tianjiao? Aren't you already the master of your own house? Jinpeng Shenjun said, white Yuyan one eye, obviously very disagree with his statement. Yu Yan to Jin Peng God's words also don't care, he also just say his own idea, moreover is to advise Jiang Hong don't intervene in this matter, because this matter is not Jiang Hongli can do, black day pride also has her own plan, Jiang Hong and how can understand the intentions of black day pride? If everyone is unhappy, the loss outweighs the gain. After pondering for a moment, Jiang Hong said to Yu Yan, "Brother Yu Yan, could it be that Hei Tianjiao has the conditions to accept the Fengwu Pavilion?"? Instead of letting the scenery pavilion move to Gulan City in vain? Jiang Hong also understood Yu Yan's implication at the moment, but he did not want the conditions of the Black Sky Pride, is by the power of the Wind Pavilion faction, destroyed the ancient orchid city, because that is not within the power of the Wind Pavilion. Yuyan nodded slightly and said, "In my opinion, it should be right. Otherwise, how could Hei Tianjiao not only promise that Fengwu Pavilion could be moved to Gulan City, but not let them move here immediately?"? Let the scenery pavilion continue to stay in Bibo City, there is no profit for Hei Tianjiao, so only the scenery pavilion has not reached the conditions of Hei Tianjiao, so.. Yuyan said here, looked at Yunxia and other women,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but it is not convenient to go on, he did not want to look at these beautiful fairies as sad as sad. Jiang Hong nodded his head slightly and looked at the three girls with a gloomy expression. He sighed and said, "I think it's better to do this. I'll take you to see Hei Tianjiao. But as for what Hei Tianjiao says, I don't care. After all, she's in charge of Gulan City, not Jiang Hong. Even if I want to help you, I'm willing but unable." This is also Jiang Hong can do the best, at most also just help three women ask the reason, more, even if Jiang Hong want to,asrs warehouse, also can't help, can't let the scenery pavilion whole clan move to their own immortal mansion, the place is there, but if Jiang Hong did so, black day pride there he is not easy to explain, therefore, Jiang Hong can only choose a compromise way, both sides are not offended. Things have come to this point, Yunxia and other women can only listen to the arrangement of Jiang Hong, after all, now their only hope is Jiang Hong, and they also know in their hearts, although Jiang Hong quite by the care of Hei Tianjiao, but like this kind of clan move, not Jiang Hong a word or two can be solved, the key is to see the meaning of Hei Tianjiao. Jiang Hong immediately with Yu Yan and clouds and other women went to the palace of the Black Sky Pride, as for Yu Tianjun and others, but don't want to follow Jiang Hong to see the Black Sky Pride, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, every time I see the Black Sky pride, they always have some unnatural feeling, moreover, I don't know is the black sky pride body's murderous look is too heavy, or their repair is too weak, every time I see It always makes the three of them shudder. Jiang Hong see Yu-day and others do not want to go with him, also had to let the good three people stay in the fairy mansion, he took the other four people hurried away, to be honest, this time can see the black day pride even Jiang Hong is not sure, because before Jiang Hong has been informed by the dark keeper's mouth, black day pride and Yingxue two people are busy with the day Jiao city, I don't know if I have time to go back to Gulan City. Outside the palace gate of Gulan City, Jiang Hong was about to speak to the guard guarding the palace gate when he saw the guard coming to Jiang Hong on his own initiative. He said with a smile, "Jiang Hong, the Lord of my city has an order. If you come, you don't have to inform her. Let you go in and see her directly. Please come inside. I'll show you the way." The guard said, walking in front of Jiang Hong and others, keeping a distance with Jiang Hong and others. Yunxia could not help staring at Jiang Hong at this point: "The difference is not so big. We are here, and we are not even allowed to enter the door. It's good that you are here. The notification is saved. You can go in directly to see her. What kind of person is she in your space? Such a big privilege.".
” Yuyan also said with a smile, "Oh, it seems that Jiang Hongdao's face is really not generally big. In other big cities, even if the master of the clan wants to see the master of the city, he must inform him first. Otherwise, he will be considered to have bad intentions. He is lucky not to be killed on the spot. But you are good. Even this procedure can be ignored." Jiang Hong listened, just looked back at Yuyan and Yunxia, but did not speak, Jiang Hong knows, like this kind of thing, can only be more and more black, can not play the role of defense, simply ignore them. Time is not long, Jiang Hong and others were taken to the door of Hei Tianjiao's study. The guard reported to Hei Tianjiao in the study: "Report to the Lord of the city, Jiang Hong's visit." With that, the guard turned away. Time is not long, the door of the study was gently pushed open, Hei Tianjiao walked out of the study, looked at Jiang Hong and the people behind Jiang Hong, said with a smile: "Jiang Hong, the girls behind you are.." Hei Tianjiao didn't ask about Yuyan at all, she didn't know where Jiang Hong was making friends, so she didn't take Yuyan to heart, but the appearance of a beautiful woman made Hei Tianjiao very uncomfortable. Jiang Hong said to Hei Tian Jiao with a smile, "Oh, Lord Tianjiao, in fact, they are the friends I made when I went out to travel this time. When I was in Bibo City, thanks to their great help, I had to escape from death. It happened that they had something to ask me to report to the Lord, so I brought them together. I hope the Lord won't take it amiss." Hei Tianjiao looked at Yunxia and other girls, then looked at Jiang Hong, and said indifferently, "Oh, so that's it. Are they the disciples of the Fengwu Pavilion?"? Were they the ones who came to see me before? Hei Tianjiao said, looking at Feng Ling and Yun Xia. Hei Tianjiao is no stranger to Feng Ling and Yun Xia. When he was in Bibo City, Hei Tianjiao had seen them, but it was the first time he had seen Yun Xia. Speaking of, they should also be regarded as old acquaintances,industrial racking systems, but when Hei Tianjiao met Feng Ling and Bixia, he was so angry that he didn't pay attention to the appearance of their two daughters at all. Now, Hei Tianjiao noticed that these two were also the beauties of the beauties. jracking.com
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