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Young men's feelings are always poems. (14th Dec 22 at 1:42am UTC)
Song Yuxue Lu Jixue's cold tone, a short sentence, two words, will show his cold temperament. You know, I can never do PPT, you do your own PPT, when the time comes I am responsible for pressing the mouse, you say, understand? “……” Song Yu wants to blacklist Lu Chengsi, but who dares to offend the son of the school bully and the female director of the Education Bureau? The answer is, no one dares. Oh, all right. 142. Perfunctory Lu Chengsi, Song Yu again opened his micro-blog home page, he rarely reproduced other people's micro-blog, most of them are original, occasionally there are three or five comments, like quite a lot, the most comments on that is the picture of the roses he sent to the school flower burned to ashes, there are two pictures burned to half of the appearance, crimson roses only half of the body, the other half with the smoke,aluminium tile trim profiles, Floating in the air, once gathered together like cinnabar red, burning in the fire, as if the red has become more pure, the flames are more dazzling. Another is that he is studying with everyone, white paper, aluminum and knife, in the end which cut the hand pain,aluminium edge trim, there is his answer below: no pain. He talked about his own experience. It didn't hurt when he rowed. It didn't hurt at all. Once he hid in the corner and cried. Several ugly wounds on his hands were stained with tears. It was so painful that he couldn't tell for a moment whether it was his hand that hurt, his heart that hurt, or his face that hurt? Song Yu can't bear to watch it any more. If he watches it any more, he will be depressed. It's better to see less depressed things. Life, if you can stick to it, you still have to go on positively. Song Yu turned off the computer and lay in bed recalling Lu Jixue's hug today. Although he hugged him from behind, Lu Jixue's eyes, nose and mouth seemed to be a picture in his heart. Presumably, the physical contact mentioned in the know-it-all post bar was this. The senior member was right. There was an unreasonable bar. If I had known, I should have criticized the fire at that time. As for the memory of the sense of smell, Song Yu summed it up like this: It is a very wonderful smell, perhaps it can be said that it is a light sandalwood aroma, with a little refreshing summer soda in the middle. Sandalwood is very much in line with Lu Jixue's image as an old pedant, probably because there are several sticks of sandalwood burning in his bedroom? The smell makes people feel calm, but the process of smelling makes people feel restless. It's decided. Song Yu went into the kitchen, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, washed a few white peaches, put them on a plate, and brought them out for his mother. My dear mother! You must be thirsty after watching TV for so long! Come and taste the white peaches offered by your well-behaved son! Song's mother inquired about Song Yu and picked out the most beautiful white peach. What are you doing? Be gallant about nothing. "I'm fine!"! How about white peaches? Is it sweet? If you think the skin is not delicious, give it to me! I'll peel it! Or slice it and put it in a bowl! How's it going Mother Song put down the white peach. What the hell are you doing? Come on! Don't keep me watching the TV play! "Uh.." I Song Yu began to pick his hands, eyes dodge, "that." I'd like to borrow your perfume to spray.. …… Song's mother grabbed Song Yu's little fat hand and said earnestly, "Good son, tell your mother, are you in love?" "No!" Song Yu, of course, said it with his eyes closed. Fang Zhihui said it well: you can't lie when you open your eyes. I said it with my eyes closed. Chapter 72 143. The auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Huai City is in the main building. It is generally white, with light green curtains hanging on both sides. It is folded neatly, much like the origami of kindergarten children. Each fold is exactly the same, and it is quietly put together. The crimson curtain on the stage was pulled to both sides, in the middle of the big sky blue words-etiquette month stands on the stage, Song Yu found that no matter what the school does, it will not cope with and perfunctory, even this kind of activity which has nothing to do with the results, but also take out the blank self-study class time, each class performs a prize by the way, for many straight A students, This kind of time is not as good as taking the book to come over, reciting the word text, of course, the premise is that the anti-interference ability is super strong.
Song Yu and Fang Zhihui like this kind of activity. On the one hand, they can finally get out of the boring and rigid self-study class. On the other hand, they can take advantage of this time to chat. When the head teacher looks back, they shut up. When the head teacher does not look, Fang Zhihui and Song Yu turn back and talk with the students behind them. Class 5 was assigned to the middle area, slightly forward, and the voices of Fang Zhihui and Song Yu were turned down. Brother Song, are you nervous to perform on the stage later? It is false to say that he is not nervous. Song Yu lost sleep during his lunch break because he had to perform in the afternoon. His hands were cold and nervous all the time, but I didn't say it and held it in my heart. Of course not! What kind of person is your brother Song? How can you be nervous? In order to avoid the contradictions before the performance, it is better for Fang Zhihui not to expose Song Yu's lies. Brother Song! What's that smell on you? Sweet! Did you eat bubble gum? Song Yu lowered his head and smelled the collar, pretending not to know, "What?"? I didn't eat bubble gum. "Why is it so sweet?" "Fang Zhihui!" A familiar voice suddenly appeared. Five points will be deducted if Fang Zhihui speaks. Lu Jixue immediately took out a small notebook and began to write down. The monitor is still online today. What are you doing online? Hold a grudge online. Stop talking! Fang Zhihui gave Song Yu a look, patted Song Yu's little fat hand with his left hand, and pondered alone while sitting quietly. Song Yu was fragrant today. It was so strange. Did he buy some delicious fruit toffee that he was afraid he would eat it up? But Song Yu's life tenet is: I give you half of my juice, strange, too strange. 144. Before Class 4 finished performing, Class 5 stood behind the curtain on both sides. The students who did not perform were not nervous. They would go up as a background board later. Song Yu was very nervous, although his role was not as much as Fang Zhihui's. Fang Zhihui, this person, should not be nervous, so many years of passion together, Song Yu knows him, skill one: self-expression, skill two: continue to express themselves,tile trim manufacturers, skill three: strong desire to win or lose in addition to learning, passive: overweening! Big move: the beautiful man seeks defeat alone! Song Yu looked around, but did not see the figure of Lu Jixue. jecatrims.com
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