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Legend of the Fairy Sword of Refusing Sorrow (14th Dec 22 at 1:14am UTC)
"I think so, to be able to accompany the favorite person to make a living in Jianghu, at least it should not be as painful as it was originally." Han Lingsha nodded in agreement. Even if he can't accompany his favorite person, he has entered Miss Ouyang's heart, and I believe Miss Ouyang will never forget him. Shaking his head slightly, Liu Mengli sighed lightly. Hearing this, Han Lingsha looked puzzled and looked at Liu Mengli's back. Her lips moved slightly, and she wanted to speak and stopped. Suddenly, Liu Mengli turned around, and her pretty face seemed to be covered with a layer of clear frost, without a trace of her usual gentleness. Xi Zhong, why did you break into my room? Looking at the door, Liu Mengli whispered. Young Lord, please forgive me. I don't mean to offend my subordinates. Standing in the doorway, it was Xi Zhong, who first saluted Liu Mengli respectfully, raised his head, looked at the three people in the room, and said in a deep voice, ".." However, although this is the room of the young Lord, it is also the resting place of His Highness the Demon King. Young Lord, it is quite inappropriate for you to bring these humans in.. You don't have to worry about that, didn't I say? These are your Highness's friends, and my friends, and there will be no danger. You'd better stand down. Liu Mengli said lightly. Young Lord, please think twice, they are human beings, not demons, not our people, no one can guarantee what they think in their hearts. Did not step down according to the words,Magnesium Sulphate price, Xi Zhong still stood there, looking at Liu Mengli, his face was anxious, desperate way, "." Besides, the subordinates heard Lord Chan You say that when they were in Qionghua, it was they who attacked His Highness the Demon King. "Enough!" Liu Mengli interrupted Xi Zhong's words, looked at Xi Zhong, frowned, "Xi Zhong, is my mother's order to let you watch here?" "Lord Chan You is still healing,Magnesium Oxide price, and there are no instructions now, but." Xi Zhong hesitated. Since it's not my mother's order, please get out! Without waiting for Xi Zhong to finish, Liu Mengli said in a cold voice. Looked at Liu Mengli's cold expression, then looked at the three people in the room, Xi Zhong's face changed several times. Subordinates. Excuse me. Finally, Xi Zhong saluted and slowly retreated. Lingsha, Tianhe, Ziying.. Although the dream glass is very reluctant to part with you, but, I'm afraid you have to leave here quickly. When Xi Zhong left, Liu Mengli turned her head and said with a wry smile. It's because.. Your mother? Yun Tianhe is not sure. Nodding her head and looking at the sleeping man on the couch, Liu Mengli said sadly, "My mother doesn't like humans all the time, and with what happened in Qionghua, I'm afraid she's even more dissatisfied with you.." Now Qing'er has become like this, without his restraint, if Niang is not good for you, I don't know. Can I protect you. With these words, Liu Mengli's face showed a sad look. Good dream glass, don't be sad, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, we all understand. Seeing Liu Mengli so sad, Han Lingsha comforted her. Yes, dream glass, just as we are anxious to go back to find a way to save Lingsha, and advise my eldest brother not to fly up. Yun Tianhe also consoled. Thank you. While my mother is still healing, you, hurry up and follow me to the altar, from where you can be sent back to the world. Liu Mengli nodded and said eagerly. Knowing that there was no delay, the three of them took a final look at the sleeping demon king and resolutely followed Liu Mengli away. The house was restored to its original tranquility. On the bed, Meng Hui was still lying there quietly, with a peaceful face, as if he were sleeping soundly. Suddenly, a finger moved imperceptibly. Before honoring the altar, Liu Mengli cast a spell to open the magic array. Thank you. Leave me so many happy memories. We fly together with the sword, cross mountains and rivers together, and see those beautiful lanterns together in Jimo. These things, I will never, never forget.. Looking at the faces of his former partners one by one, Liu Mengli choked up in his heart. Meng Li, I won't forget you either. Departure is imminent, Han Lingsha is also very sad, red eyes. Without saying a word, Murong Ziying folded her fists and bowed to Liu Mengli. Liu Mengli bent over and returned the gift. Thank you, Ziying.
Needless to say.. I know you don't like demons, but in the end, you're still willing to help my people, and I'm grateful. After a pause, Liu Mengli continued, "I." I'm not very good at talking, but Ziying, you will always be my best friend. “…… So do I Nodding his head, Murong Ziying whispered. Mr. Yun, take care of yourself. Looking at the Yuntian River, Liu Mengli whispered. I will. Yun Tianhe was depressed. Ask my eldest brother to look back at Shu Jian, persuade him not to fly up, save Lingsha, and then find Xuan'e, I will go back to Qingluan Peak, no longer pay attention to these fighting and killing things under the mountain.. "But the dream glass." Yun Tianhe raised his head and looked forward to it, "I know, nineteen years later, you will come to the world again!"! At that time, can we meet again? "Yes, by that time, Qing'er must have woken up. You must remember to go to Qingluan Peak to see the savages. Of course, it's better to take a group with you." Her eyes were still red, and Han Lingsha grinned. Take a group? Who else is there? Hearing this, Yuntianhe turned his head and asked curiously. It's a deal. I'll go with him to find you. With a slight smile, Liu Mengli took out a sachet from her bosom and handed it to Yun Tianhe. Mr. Yun, please take this vanilla sachet back to Shouyang and give it to your father and mother. Tell them, the daughter is not filial, can not accompany them around, also can not provide for them, please Pei eldest brother for me. Do a little filial piety for me, the dream glass is grateful. Later, Liu Mengli was a little sad again. …… I I'll bring it. Yun Tianhe solemnly took the sachet into his arms and nodded forcefully. No matter how reluctant to say goodbye, but eventually to separate, sadly look at each other, three people turned their heads no longer look at Liu Mengli, in turn stepped into the law array, with a flash of light, disappeared. Goodbye, Tianhe, Lingsha, Ziying and. Xuan'e, my partners,dap diammonium phosphate, there will be a day to meet again. Standing in place for a long time, staring at the shimmering array, Liu Mengli murmured. stargrace-magnesite.com
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