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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandone (14th Dec 22 at 1:09am UTC)
Inside the Temple of Ice and Cold, the Great Protector of Ice and Cold and the other six protectors opened the temple. The seven of them knelt respectfully in front of the colorful clouds and mists, reporting to their masters what had happened in the Zhongzhou ranking battle. Particularly detailed about Han Yanuo, and three days later, Xue Tianao and Dongfang Ningxin will come to the Ice Cold Palace. While the seven protectors of the ice cold were discussing with their masters how to take down Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin after three days, there was a sound of shaking and fighting outside the ice cold hall. Because of the particularity of the Cold Temple, when the stone gate closes, people outside can't see what happened inside, and people inside can't hear what happened outside. So Dongfang Ningxin, Xuetian Ao, Wuya and Xiaoshenlong were very lucky. When the seven protectors of the Ice Cold Temple entered the Ice Cold Temple, the four appeared at the entrance of the Ice Cold Hall. They swept the protectors and guards of the ice cold hall all the way and swaggered straight into the ice cold hall. It's really a name in vain. The boundless exorcism sword did not pull out, all the way with the hilt of the sword will be the guard of the ice cold hall to shoot dizzy, which makes the boundless feel good about themselves. Don't be confused by these. You haven't seen the core figure of Binghan yet. How many people do you think can come into the Zhongzhou ranking battlefield, which is only opened once in a hundred years? Do you think we can find the underground palace without someone leading the way? How strong a guard do you think such a place needs? Dongfang Ningxin hit Wuya directly. It's true that the Temple of Ice and Cold is not as strong as I imagined, but how can they hover in Zhongzhou for thousands of years with only a little bit of strength? Apart from anything else, the seven protectors of the Temple of Ice and Cold and the emissary of ice and cold, they haven't seen any of them now. I understand. Wuya put away his frivolity,lamella tube, holding the blade in his left hand and the hilt in his right hand, looking ready to fight at any time. Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin also ignore it, as long as Wuya is careful, don't have an accident here. The four of them hurried along the corridor again, and the more they went inside, the more quiet it was. The whole hall of ice and cold was empty, and there was not even a figure. Stopping in the center of the hall,rapid sand filters, Wuya and Xiaoshenlong looked at Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin and asked in puzzlement, "Are we going the wrong way?" This is not the Cold Palace. There is no master here. Two or three kittens were solved by them at the moment they entered the door. There is no mistake, this is where the ice cold is, but you are still in the ice cold outer hall. A man in black came out behind the beam. Xue Tian Ao's four people watched warily and found that it was Han Yanuo who came. Han Yanuo? Snow day Ao flashed a touch of killing, Han Yanuo this person is too unusual, no one in the world can be so quietly tracking him, even in the same temple he did not find. Han Yanuo seemed to have discovered Xue Tianao's intention to kill. He immediately explained, "Your Excellency Tianao, I didn't come here to follow you. I came earlier than you." "Your purpose?" Xue Tianao heard Han Yanuo's explanation and was no longer embarrassed, but in Xue Tianao's heart, Han Yanuo was still an enemy worthy of his attention. It's better to strike first. Han Yanuo pointed to the back side of the Ice Hall. He knew the idea of the Great Protector of Ice and Cold to kill him, and coincidentally he discovered the idea of the Great Protector of Ice and Cold to kill Xue Tianao. Half man, half beast, Lamella Plate Settler ,fine bubble diffuser, he has a human mind and a beast's sensitivity to danger. When Xue Tianao refused to compete with him, he took the opportunity to slip out of the crowd and find this place with the unique sensitivity of Xuanshou and the breath of the Great Protector of Ice and Cold. Here, he had been waiting for three hours, and he saw the cold seven Dharma protectors open a stone chamber, and then enter the stone chamber at the same time. However, Han Yanuo did not act rashly. He understood that Xue Tianao and Dongfang Ningxin were not people waiting for death. He alone is no match for Binghan, but with Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin, it is entirely possible. Although Xue Tian Ao doesn't like him, he thinks Xue Tian Ao won't refuse the occasional cooperation, and he can temporarily abandon the personal enmity in the face of the common enemy. Unfortunately, for Han Yanuo's words, Xue Tianao and Dongfang Ningxin did not believe it at all. Xue Tianao directly ignored Han Yanuo and turned around to continue looking for the whereabouts of the Great Protector of Ice and Cold. Han Yanuo this man, if you believe his words, that is silly.
"You" see turn around to leave the snow day proud, Han Yanuo hurriedly shouted, is his bad record so much that let the east peaceful heart and snow day proud do not trust him? "Han Yanuo, you'd better tell us the whole purpose of coming to Binghan, or we won't mind killing you first." Dongfang Ningxin stopped impatiently and turned to look directly at Han Yanuo, like a queen looking at her courtiers, with a domineering momentum. Whew. Under the oppression of Dongfang Ningxin, Han Yanuo sighed and quibbled feebly: "I have no malice." "No malice?"? Will you take the trouble to come to Zhongzhou without malice? Demon True Qi. Where can I find the Xuanshou in Zhongzhou to cultivate Demon True Qi for you? Dongfang Ningxin cold hum, some people are like this, do not lift his cards, he can always pretend to go on. Han Yanuo was shocked to step back a few steps, a pair of sharp eyes instantly flashed through countless ideas, kill, escape. However, after calming down, he did not dare to do anything, but asked carefully, "How did you find it? Did the black fog break because of you?" "Han Yanuo, come on, what's the purpose of your coming to Zhongzhou?" Dongfang Ningxin asked in reply, with a trace of fatigue, she was tired enough, Han Yanuo will come again to add to the confusion. My purpose? I was born in Zhongzhou. That place is not my home. My home is in Zhongzhou. I want to come back to find the enemy who destroyed my family and rebuild the Han family at the same time. Han Yanuo spoke very quickly, as if he was hiding something. Oh, yeah? Then do I have to ask again, what is the purpose of your coming to Binghan? Don't try to fool me by attacking first. Dongfang Ningxin is advancing step by step, with a cold, arrogant and strong expression. It seems that Han Yanuo does not say why,multi disc screw press, then Dongfang Ningxin will never let him go. Under the gaze of Dongfang Ningxin, Han Yanuo retreated unconsciously, his face slightly gloomy. khnwatertreatment.com
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