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The age of idols (9th Dec 22 at 1:59am UTC)
"What's the matter?"? Ji-eun doesn't want to go back to Korea? Aware of the reluctance in Lee Ji-eun's tone, Okumura Hatsune asked with some curiosity. No, I'm just a little reluctant to give up my sister Hatsune.. Lowering his head slightly, Lee Ji-eun's eyes dimmed a little. Although I haven't been with Okumura Hatsune for a long time, Lee Ji-eun is very fond of Okumura Hatsune, who has been directing his own music: Of course, to a large extent, it's because Lee Ji-eun doesn't have many contacts with girls in Japan. When Zheng Yujun comes to Japan, Ji Eun can also come with him.. With a slight smile, Okumura Hatsune enlightened Lee Ji-eun: In Okumura Hatsune's opinion, if Lee Ji-eun wants to come to Japan, he can come with Lee Jung-woo again. Hearing Okumura Hatsune's words, Lee Ji-eun became silent. Although as Okumura Hatsune said, if Lee Ji-eun wants to come to Japan, he can indeed follow Lee Jung-woo: But that's just Okumura Hatsune's idea. In fact, Lee Ji-eun, who returned to South Korea to train as a trainee, will be separated from Lee Jung-woo: after all, Lee Jung-woo is an artist,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, while Lee Ji-eun is a trainee. Of course, the more important thing is that Li Zhengyu and Li Zhien do not belong to the same company. Ji-eun, what's wrong? Looking at the silent Lee Ji-eun, Okumura Hatsune asked with some doubts. Nothing, sister Hatsune.. Slowly raised his head, Lee Ji-eun shook his head slightly and said, "Let's go to find Zheng Yu OPPA.." Not going to tell Okumura Hatsune,Glass Cosmestic Containers, Lee Ji-eun knows Okumura Hatsune can't help? "Well.." Since Lee Ji-eun did not want to say, Okumura Hatsune did not ask again. It is estimated that Li Zhengyu and Hasegawa Jiro almost chatted, Okumura Hatsune agreed to Li Zhien's proposal, "Zhien, let's go to find Zhengyu Jun..." "When you were shooting the film, you specially transplanted the cherry trees?" Hearing Xia Fan talking about the recent situation of the film shooting, Li Zhengyu was somewhat surprised. However, Li Zhengyu can also understand. It's summer now, and the plot of the movie requires cherry trees to be full of cherry blossoms, which is impossible in reality. The best way to shoot this effect is to transplant cherry trees. The cherry blossoms in full bloom are really beautiful.. With a slight nod, a pure smile appeared on Xia Fan's face. "Before the Cherry Blossom Festival, I wanted to enjoy the cherry blossoms, but I never had time.." The voice gradually went down, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and Xia Fan's mood was somewhat low. Although the Cherry Blossom Festival would like to go to enjoy cherry blossoms, but after all, is the identity of artists, has been busy with the journey of Xia Fan simply do not have extra time to realize the idea of cherry appreciation. Fan, next year's Cherry Blossom Festival.. Look at Xia Fan's eyes are very serious, Li Zhengyu's tone is also very firm, as if to guarantee the general "Let's go to enjoy the cherry together.." "Really?" Hearing Li Zhengyu's words, Xia Fan was slightly stupefied. Looking at Li Zhengyu's eyes hesitated, Xia Fan opened his mouth softly and confirmed, "Next year's Cherry Blossom Festival?" It's not that I don't believe Li Zhengyu's words, but Xia Fan also knows that Li Zhengyu is busier than her and has less time to rest. Of course it's true. When did I fool the sails? With a smiling expression on his face, Li Zhengyu asked Xia Fandao softly. Tilted his head slightly recalled, and Li Zhengyu has known for so long, as if he really did not deceive himself? Pure smile hung on Xia Fan's face, the tone is also full of joy, "then we agreed..." "By the way, Zheng Yujun.." Seem to remember something? Xia Fan looked at Li Zhengyu with a smile on his face and said, "I almost forgot. Congratulations on winning the Best Newcomer Award..." Although congratulating Li Zhengyu, Xia Fan's tone also has the meaning of envy. Best Newcomer Award? Hearing Xia Fan's words of congratulations, Li Zhengyu did not react for a while. After hesitating for a moment, Li Zhengyu spoke softly and confirmed, "Fan, are you talking about the Japanese Drama Academy Award?" After thinking about it, Li Zhengyu felt that what Xia Fan said should be the Japanese Drama Academy Award.
"Um.." With a slight nod, Xia Fan gave a positive answer. Xia Fan has always been looking forward to the new person award of the Japanese Drama Academy Award. However, this expectation has never been realized. Therefore, Xia Fan is extremely envious of Li Zhengyu's winning the Best Newcomer Award of the Japanese Drama Academy. Looking at Xia Fan in front of him, feeling the envious look in Xia Fan's eyes, Li Zhengyu did not know how to open his mouth for a while? Although he won the Best Newcomer Award that Xia Fan envied, Li Zhengyu actually did not have much feeling of winning the award. Moreover, the award was only known to Lee Jung-woo when his agent Park Sung-jun told him. Otherwise, Li Zhengyu would not have known that he had won the Best Newcomer Award of the Japanese Drama Academy. The main reason for this is that there are some special reasons for the Japanese Drama Academy Award. As the most authoritative TV drama evaluation award in Japan, TV Weekly, a magazine owned by Kadokawa Bookstore, one of the famous publishing houses in Japan, has held the Japanese Drama Academy Award of the TV drama evaluation award in a season since April 1994. Its influence is absolutely beyond doubt. Although there are rules such as voting for general awards, the Japanese Drama Academy Awards are very different from other awards. The biggest difference is that the Japanese Drama Academy Awards do not hold awards ceremonies, nor do they award so-called awards. It is only based on the average votes of readers, judges and TV journalists to determine the ownership of the awards. As for the final result, the Japanese Drama Academy Award only published it on the Internet. It is also because of the special reasons of the Japanese Drama Academy Award that Li Zhengyu did not have much feeling about winning the Best Newcomer Award of the Japanese Drama Academy Award: compared with the awards awarded by the general awards, the award of the Japanese drama Academy Award is really somewhat lacking in reality. Let's not talk about that.. Not wanting to talk about the award, Li Zhengyu opened his mouth to change the topic and said, "Fan,cosmetic packaging wholesale, how do you feel about your opponent Okada?" Took the initiative to talk about the film shot by Xia Fan, Li Zhengyu was very interested in the process of shooting. As for Okada, he is the leading actor in the film starring Xia Fan. penghuangbottle.com
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