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And try the world by Qingling Moon (full text + ex (9th Dec 22 at 1:36am UTC)
"Alas." The woman in white sighed a long sigh, as if he could not understand its meaning and some regret, "originally, I was taking a nap, but you woke me up when I had a good dream. In fact, it's nothing to interrupt a dream, isn't it, boss He?" He Xun nodded and stared at the smiling man, not knowing what she was going to say. The problem is that this dream is once in a thousand years! The woman in white suddenly restrained her smile and said with a straight face, "Do you know, I was dreaming that I was invited by the Queen Mother of the West to go to the Kunlun Fairy Mountain to taste the nectar and enjoy the singing and dancing of the fairies. It was really very pleasant. Finally, she gave me a peach in the Jade Pool. But when I was about to take the peach, you broke in and interrupted my dream. I didn't take it. Do you think it's serious?"? Boss He! "What?"? Bitch, aren't you playing with us? As soon as Lin Yin-an heard this, he could not help scolding angrily. Tut-tut.. The woman in white shook her head and looked at Lin Yinan with a smile on her face. "Where am I playing with you?"? I am very serious, oh, you know this Jade Pool Xiantao is different,gold shaking table, eat it and you can live forever, rank in the immortal class, you say this is the dream of many people, but because you hurt me not to eat, how heavy the loss is! So of course you have to compensate me! "Does the girl want us to compensate you for a peach in the Jade Pool?" He Xun's face changed, no longer a friendly face,magnetic separator machine, but with a bit of gloom. Of course With a wave of her hand, the white silk danced a peach shape in the air. "As long as you compensate me for the peach in the Jade Pool, I will leave immediately. This Yan Yingzhou, Xuanzun Ling and so on have nothing to do with me." "It seems that the girl is going to meddle!" He Xun face a cold, a pair of hands secretly holding a hidden weapon, "just he finally advised the girl, at this time the presence of all the heroes of the six countries, but the girl this tube will offend all the six countries, although the world is big, but then the girl can have nowhere to hide!" "It's a great honor for the heroes of the six countries to gather together!" When the woman in white heard this, she smiled. "But I don't know Mount Tai. I really can't see any heroes!" He Xun thought that as soon as this remark was made, no matter how strong the woman's martial arts skills were, gold heap leaching ,coltan ore processing, she should have some worries, but she gave birth to a face of interest, but did not take the heroes of the Six Kingdoms seriously, and retorted. Do you dare to ask if it's the Wind Woman? The white-robed general, who had been silent since the woman in white appeared, suddenly asked aloud. Eh? You know me? The woman in white looked at him and admitted that she was the "Wind Woman" in his mouth. The white-robed young man suddenly lowered his silver spear and respectfully saluted her: " 'Snow Moon in Plain Clothes' Bai Fengxi is known all over the world, not to mention the villains." As soon as this remark was made, everyone was shocked! He Xun, in particular, was glad that the hidden weapon in his hand had not been sent out just now, otherwise. This handful of arsenopyrite must have all come back to itself! You should know that Fengxi and Fengxi are the most famous in Wulin today. Because their names have the same pronunciation, they are easily confused. According to their clothes, people in Wulin call Fengxi Baifengxi and Fengxi Heifengxi, collectively known as Baifeng Heixi. They have been famous for nearly ten years and are one of the best masters in the world. They thought they must be middle-aged and old people, but Bai Fengxi is such a young woman! "Hee hee, you don't have to be so polite. I'm not satisfied with your compensation. Maybe my white silk will be wrapped around your neck." Feng Xi sat on a branch, her legs swaying left and right, her long hair swinging slightly behind her, "Look at you holding a silver gun, probably the general of Fengguo, Ren Chuanyun." "It is through the clouds." The white-robed general Ren Chuanyun still replied respectfully, and then asked, "Is Feng Nvxia also interested in Xuan Zun Ling?" "I'm not interested in Xuan Zunling." Feng Xi shook his head. "It's just that Yan Yingzhou is very appetizing to me. It's a pity to let him die here. So I want to take him away." The tone is extremely understated, as if to take away Yan Yingzhou is as easy as taking away a flower and grass by the roadside, and the heroes of the Six Kingdoms are like nothing in her eyes.
"Fart!"! You said it was for Yan Yingzhou, but in fact it was not for the Xuan Zun Ling on his body! This kind of subterfuge deceives the three-year-old child to be more or less, in front of Lao Tzu saves! A big fellow with a full beard could not help opening his mouth to scold. You should know that all the people present are here for this Xuanzun order. Some of them want to get it, some of them are bought by heavy money, and some of them obey the orders of the kings of various countries. He who gets the order gets the world. This is such an attractive prospect. Even if you can't command the world, who doesn't want to be the king of the six countries? As long as you give or sell this Xuanzun order to any king, the wealth and status will naturally roll in! "What a smelly mouth!" Only heard the wind said lightly, and then a flash of green light, straight to the bearded man, the bearded man saw the leaves flying, intuition to dodge, but too late to move, the leaves will be "Pa!" He stuck it to his mouth, and for a moment he felt pain in his lips and teeth. The pain made him want to call his father and mother, but he couldn't speak. My son is eager to get Xuanzun's order. I wonder if Nvxia Feng will allow me to get it from Yan Yingzhou. Ren Chuanyun turned a blind eye to this and just asked Feng Xi. Xuan Zun Ling? Does Mr. Lanxi also want to be the master of the world? Feng Xi tilted his head and asked with a half-smile. But without waiting for him to answer,mineral flotation, he said, "It's just that this Xuanzun Order is something that Yan Yingzhou wants to protect even if he wants to die. I think he should keep it." "So Nvxia Feng doesn't agree to take it through the clouds?" Ren Chuanyun's eyes narrowed slightly, and the silver gun in his hand tightened. What's the matter? Do you want to force it? 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com
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